lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Amy Winehouse Taking Blake To Cuba

Amy Winehouse is reportedly taking estranged hubby Blake Fielder Civil on holiday to Cuba.

The Rehab singer, who got back together with Blake after they divorced last August, has allegedly decided to mark their reunion with a romantic trip to Havana once his court ordered curfew has ended.

Amy is thought to have chosen Cuba as their chosen holiday destination after the couple have found a new interest in cigar smoking.

A source told The Sun: "Smoking cigars is their new thing. It all started when Amy bought a pack of Romeo y Julieta for Blake, because she thinks they're also tragic lovers."

"Amy and Blake have been spending their time reading up on the history and the culture behind them and followed it to Cuba. She thinks there's a kind of romance to it and would love to go there with Blake."

The insider continued: "She wants to go away to celebrate them being back together properly. It will be their 'second honeymoon'. As soon as his curfew allows, they'll be off."

The 26-year old singer, who recently purchased a new home in London to share with Blake once his drug rehab treatment in Sheffield is over has also paid Soho club owner Sam Shaker to paint a picture of them together to mark their union.

Sam, who has previously painted for Amy's family, stated: "She said she loved the paintings and gave me more pictures, including one of her with Blake."

"When they came to see them she took Blake by the hand and showed him the paintings. He said they were beautiful."

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